Date : 1401/11/15

Company Cabille Persia

The standard free-stall designer and manufacturer are matching with technology world.
Installation standard free-stall in livestock has following advantages for professional rancher:
Creating a comfortable fit for animals
Providing favorable conditions for the ruminant animal to champing and resting
Increasing milk production for more comfort and better access to water and feed
Decreasing of bestial waste pollution, and as a result:
Dramatically reduce the microbial load of milk
Optimal prevention of mastitis
Significant reduction in water consumption for washing livestock breast
Make it possible to automate the collection of manure and reduce the cost of it
Reduce the current costs of livestock due to:
Reduce manpower requirements and the possibility of further mechanization of livestock activities
Enhance animal health and reduce the cost of removal and treatment
Current revenues increase livestock due to:
The increase in milk production
Possibility of selling milk at higher prices due to increased production of milk quality and reduce the microbial load of milk
Increase the volume and quality of produced manure

The unique connection of Persia Cabille
Welding without damaging the galvanized
Much faster and easier installation
Mobility shift the width of the free-stall after running

With a radius of 20 cm and deformation (conforming to standards)
The length of the frame in a manner suitable for the production of 180 to 250 cm Cabille is changeable.

Frame Bent
Enhancing Speed ​​and ease of installation and performance care
Providing transverse free-stall after running to change readily
Makes possible the installation after concreting floor.

Will not alone at any stage with Persia Cabille


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